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Customer case

Turning the Transition into a fresh Start!

Anonymous customer

Customer case

Anonymous customer

Turning the Transition into a fresh Start!

What was the Challenge?

After a period of reduced demand and increased uncertainty, the customer needed to focus on cost-effectiveness and optimizing their operations in the transition. There was a need to review the entire organization, which resulted in some roles no longer being needed. The customer needed external support with relevant experience in transition and outplacement, as well as someone with the right attitude and ability to guide them through the process.

They had never been in this situation before and felt unsure about how to proceed. It was important for them to handle the situation professionally, but they also cared deeply about treating everyone affected by this situation fairly. The support needed to encompass both the entire process, as well as supporting and helping certain employees transition in their careers.

What was the Solution?

The entire transition process required a heightened focus on their employer brand more than ever before. The well-being of the employees, many of whom had been with the company for many years, was the highest priority. They wanted to ensure that those who needed to leave received the best possible exit and, importantly, the opportunity to start focusing on the future.

Guidance for Managers

Together with us at Doings, a plan was developed where we first went through how to conduct such a process optimally. We provided guidance to all managers on what they, as employers, could and could not do in this situation. Then, each of the affected leaders received individual coaching focused on addressing their respective challenges.

The focus was always on ensuring that everyone could conduct decisive and professional conversations with their employees, thereby strengthening their role as leaders even when faced with uncomfortable situations.

Outplacement Coaching

Parallel to this, 5 individual career coaching sessions were conducted with employees who had to leave. The purpose of these outplacement coaching sessions was to help these employees come to terms with the situation, focus on the future, and even feel ready to take on new challenges in their careers.

Additionally, it provided them and all remaining employees in the organization with the sense that the employer was taking on responsibility and acting as well as they possibly could in this difficult situation.

What was the Result?

The customer expressed that they did not realize that this relatively small outplacement effort could provide such significant value for them as a company. With this support, they found it much easier to embark on a “fresh start” with all those who remained and now needed the strength to focus on the future. Furthermore, the customer described that this effort had a long-term effect on all their leaders. It created ripple effects, and they can see how the leaders now have a different confidence in handling challenging situations today.

Furthermore, the customer described the investment in individual coaching and outplacement support for employees as highly appreciated. Now they have a group of ambassadors who speak highly of them as an employer. They see this as an important investment for the future; one never knows when paths may cross again.

We believe the tailored solution for this particular customer was the key to its success. They received professional assistance from multiple perspectives, both in how to conduct the process and in supporting the managers to become more confident.

Finally, the customer expressed their pride in being able to offer those directly affected by the layoffs an opportunity to focus on their own future. It was important for them to feel that they supported them as best they could despite everything.


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